If you are a heterosexual male, you should to read this book.  Great Sex by Michael Castleman covers so much more than the standard sex manual that it is an essential read not only for young men in the beginning of their sexuality, but also older men in long-term relationships looking to keep their sex lives going.

For young men, Great Sex is packed with the basics: male and female anatomy, tips on sexual stimulation, sexual positions, diseases, birth control, etc.   For the more experienced, it discusses in detail how to maintain a superior sex life through diet and fitness and well as shedding light on some of the things men don’t often talk about: premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.  The most impressive chapter, however, is the one on couples’ difference in libido.  It’s not a subject covered in other books of its ilk, and that’s part of what makes Great Sex stand out as the definitive resource on male heterosexuality.

Castleman writes in a wise yet reachable voice that puts the reader at ease while covering some delicate matters.  And that’s important.  Too often, authors of how-to sex books try to sound hip and smart, but end up coming off as snarky and condescending.  But Great Sex never alienates its reader by letting attitude substitute for insight.  Instead, Castleman offers us a smart, clear, and unique perspective on male sexuality, making Great Sex a winner.

2004, Rodale, hardcover - this is out of print, but Amazon carries some new/used copies

reviewed by Lippy Imp