chandraIn the sex toy industry, the hype over the Emotional Bliss brand of vibrators is that they are the biggest things to come out of Europe since the French Tickler. It’s hard to deny that they have a certain…je ne sais quoi. Ergonomically crafted, the entire line was designed by a sex therapist using medical grade plastics and quality motors. The end results are vibrators that are a little unusual looking but supposedly provide incredible sensations.

My introduction to the Emotional Bliss line was the Chandra, the larger and stronger of the two fingertip vibrators they offer. Right off the bat, you’ll notice a different attitude when you look at the packaging. Instead of the typical molded-plastic case with a picture of a thong-clad porn star, the Chandra came in a long box complete with two kinds of lube (silicone and water-based, both very thin), a charger with international outlet adapters, a combination catalog/instruction manual, and eventually the vibrator itself which is roughly the size of a miniature Snickers.

After I’d charged it and attached the appropriate finger cuff (two sizes are provided), I hit my first snag: which way does it go? The instruction manual doesn’t specify, so I suppose you can wear it with the vibrator on either the nail side or the pad side of your finger, whichever suits your fancy. I tried it both ways. On the nail side, I found the indirect vibrations to be very light—too light to get me off, but not bad for getting things started. After flipping it around to the pad side, the vibrations were a bit stronger, but the vibrator itself was awkward and clunky. There was too much distance between my finger and the rest of me to get a good grip on things. So, I suppose it is designed to be worn nail-side, where it’s out of the way, letting your fingers do the work.

In the end, I liked the idea of the Chandra with its thoughtful packaging and unique design more than I liked the performance of it. Admittedly, I’m used to the power of my Magic Wand, so perhaps I’m too spoiled by it to enjoy the subtler sensations the Chandra had to offer. So, if you enjoy a light buzz and like to keep your hands free, this might be something for you to check out. If, on the other hand, you are like me and prefer a stronger sensation, chances are the Chandra will leave you somewhere short of bliss.


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