ultimate analYou’d be hard-pressed to find someone better suited to take on the title of “America’s Anal Sex Expert” than Tristan Taormino, who has made it her life’s work to shed light where the sun don’t shine. Between her book, her videos, her website, and her countless appearances on TV and in magazines, she has been a leading force in bringing anal sex into the mainstream. Times have changed significantly since the first pressing of the Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, so now Taormino gives us the updated, second edition.

One of the great things about this book is the ease in which the author talks about the subject. It’s clearly something she’s both knowledgeable and passionate about, and her writing style conveys all that, making the reader comfortable with a subject that, to many, is still taboo. To compliment that, the illustrations are fun and light, adding healthy doses of sass and whimsy to the matter at hand.

Anal Sex covers all the bases, from beginner’s level preparation to health concerns to butt bondage. With an entire chapter devoted to male anal stimulation added to the second edition, Taormino could easily have called this book “The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Everyone”. Certainly it’s geared towards women—straight, lesbian, or bisexual—but Anal Sex is so packed with information, tips, and advice that it just might be the only resource needed for anyone looking to explore uncharted territories.

Cleis Press, 2006, paperback - Order from Amazon.com

Reviewed by Lippy Imp