lips like sugarViolet Blue is the postal carrier of sex-related books: she always delivers. Whether it’s a how-to manual or an erotica collection, whatever she puts her hands on turns to gold. This is especially true of her latest book, Lips Like Sugar, an anthology of stories that illustrate the erotic power of a woman’s imagination. It’s a brilliant concept, as the sexiness lies not so much in the action, but instead in the tension created by sizzling desires. This allows the reader a sense of freedom as they are allowed to enjoy a scenario—the rape fantasy played out in “Callie’s Kidnapping”, for instance—that might otherwise be too controversial or disturbing. There are a few such stories in which the protagonist (a woman, of course) is forced or coerced into sex, but it only happens with an understood permission: this is her fantasy, and she makes the rules. Other stories, however, appear on the other end of the power arch where the women are in direct control of the men. “When I Make You Say No” by Julia Price is a scorching confession of a woman’s fantasy to anally violate her boyfriend and play on his conventional fears and shame. Erica Dumas’sThe First Stroke”, a standout in this fine collection, chronicles a woman using a strap-on for the first time on her man and learning to appreciate, just for a moment, how the other half lives.

Lips Like Sugar constantly walks a delicate line of ethical sexuality, and that is exactly why it is one of the hottest collections of erotica in recent memory.

Cleis Press, 2006, paperback - Order from

Reviewed by Lippy Imp