I’m sitting here today trying to get the regional section updated. As I mentioned (I’m always mentioning it, never finishing it) it’s now recoded to our new format and I’ve been trying to get all the defunct links out, putting new reviews in before I release it for public view.

In reviewing regional sites, I’ve noticed some common threads in website design. Why is it that escort websites are almost always really nicely designed, and strip club websites generally look like ass? I don’t quite get it. Maybe it’s that strip club websites are owned by very money-conscious guys unwilling to spend much onĀ  site design. Maybe escorts, since their time is their biggest asset, have less of a problem paying for someone else’s expertise. I don’t know, I just know that I’m seeing a pattern here. Ah, generalizations.

At any rate, I made it through Virgina, Utah and Vermont today. 3 down, 40 or so more to go. I’d probably get further if I wasn’t constantly distracted by email, online shopping and blogs. heh.