Jane Duvall - Site Goddess and Jane-of-all-Trades

I’m the one who decided in a foolhardy moment to take the plunge, “just do it” and put this site online back in June of 1997. I’ve designed and run various websites over the years, but this has always been the big project. My life has taken lots of twists and turns since starting this, but now I am happily married to a man I adore named Elliott, and when I’m not doing this I’m off traveling, skiing, sailing and adventuring with my gorgeous man. And now let me introduce you to the rest of us:

Vamp Ire - Know-It-All/Reviewer

Vamp is a 30something woman barreling towards 40 and desperately hitting the brakes with no response. She has created (or worked with) a variety of free sites and publications on the topic of human sexuality. She has the heart of a child, is infinitely curious about everything, and is kinky as hell. Don’t ask her a question unless you really want the answer!

Lippy Imp - Book & Sextoy Reviewer

lippy imp
Lippy Imp could best be described as a “sex geek.” He’s been writing online since 2002, first at his own site LippyImp.com, then his weekly column for the Seattle-based Stranger Lovelab. A straight guy in his 30’s, the Imp is your average sex-positive male who gives the subject his own slightly twisted spin.

Peter Throckmorton - Slut/Reviewer

Peter Throckmorton has cheerfully claimed the title ’slut’ for decades, ever since doing his best to live up to the Summer of Love effort in the late 60s. Now living alone with his family of cats in a hermitage in the Pacific Northwest, he has visited every state in the US, and his resume lists former jobs ranging from librarian to paramedic, from tree topper to - now - purveyor of smut. His goal in life is to gather the world’s largest collection of sex-related t-shirts [XL, please] while helping to create a sex-positive democracy in the post-Kenneth Starr America. He keeps an online journal of his eclectic (dare we say “odd”? heh) activities. Photo by Charles Gatewood.

AlwaysArousedGirl - Website and Toy Reviewer

AlwaysArousedGirl has blogged about her sex-life and her near-obsession with masturbation since late 2004. At various times in the past, she’s worked as a librarian, chemist, farm-hand and cookie-maker. She currently the mother of a small army of children. Recently single, AAG explores her kinky side in the Upper Midwest and is THRILLED to be working with Jane. You can find her blog here if you’d like to know more!

Jack - Inhouse Computer Geek

Jack is shy, so we have no picture of him. He’s our wonderful inhouse tech guy, who programmed all of our new stuff for us mostly just out of the goodness of his heart. What can I say, he’s a Jane fan, so he was willing to go WAY beyond the normal call of duty for the pittance we had to offer him monetarily - although he has been paid with a goodly amount of free porn, which was fine by him being the red-blooded male that he is. What else about Jack: in his spare time he’s an adrenaline junky with a thing for skiing, fast cars and faster airplanes. He’s married with children (sorry girls, cause he IS a cutie)

Koi - Site reviewer

Koi is a sex positive goddess who started online in early 1997 providing common sense sex tutorials along with healthy doses of humor on her Very Koi site. Koi has branched off into other sex info projects like the Positively Sexual website. She continues to explore and expand her horizons with things of a kinky nature and the art of having more than one partner.