So.. it may be that you see some kind of abbreviation or slang and you have absolutely no idea what it means. In the hopes of making your surfing easier, we offer this guide to everything we can think of, from sexual practices to common billing terms and websurfing terms. I JUST started doing this, so it’s not very extensive yet but if there is something that immediately occurs to you, mail me - jane


  • Ageplay: Roleplay between consenting ADULTS, many times where one is the parental type figure and the other is a child or infant. I cannot stress enough that this does not involve actual children.
  • ATM: nope, not an automated teller machine in the adult world, rather it’s “ass to mouth”, a reference to an adult performer going from anal sex to oral sex without - uh - cleaning up in between. Highly unsafe sexual practice, and apparently high eroticized by some people because of it. While we list sites that include that content, it’s important to realize that is extremely risky behavior for STDs.


  • Bareback: usually used in the gay male community to denote sex without use of a condom.
  • BBW: Big, beautiful woman. I’ve seen this term used by some webmasters to describe any woman over a size 6, but I tend to think you have to at least be shopping at Lane Bryant to qualify. Generally used by BBWs to describe themselves, and you can tell an asshole clueless webmaster when he uses other words like “fatty”, “plumper”, etc.
  • BDSM: acronym for bondage/discipline, dominance/submission and sado-masochism all rolled into one. Kinda big umbrella for a WHOLE lot of activities.
  • Bears: primarily used in the Gay male leather community to describe big, hairy guys.
  • Bondage: someone tied up. Sometimes it’s self-bondage (people tying themselves up). There are lots of flavors of this, from japanese rope bondage to iron shackles to leather cuffs. You’ll find specialty sites in all areas.


  • CBT: acronym for cock and ball torture. Many men enjoy having painful things done to their private parts. Sometimes this is in the context of a dominant/submissive relationship, sometimes it’s just for the physical rush and there is no emotional “submissive” element to it.
  • console: Another term for a “popup”, a browser window that opens automatically. These are common in both adult sites and non-adult sites, and there are ways you can block these, although in our reviews we mention sites that use them.
  • Custom Videos: many women and men offer custom videos for sale - you send them your specifications, scenario, costume preferences and so on, and they create a video just for the customer.


  • Dogger: public places people go to have exhibitionistic sex play so voyeurs can watch - it appears to be an English phenomena.
  • Dominatrix: a woman who takes the dominant role in a sadomasochistic relationship. Also popular in recent years, “domme”, which I personally don’t care for because IT’S NOT A WORD, especially when pronounced domMAY.
  • D/s: acronym for dominance and submission, where one partner in a relationship is the dominant partner, and the other is the submissive partner. Some couples attempt to create this power dynamic in all areas of their relationship, others may relegate it to one area, such as their sex life.


  • endorphin: Many people who play with pain in an S/M context do it for only the physical sensation - an endorphin high caused by the body reacting to stimuli that they perceive as pleasurable instead of (or because of) pain.


  • FanFiction: the precursor to Slash fiction, fan fiction has roots in the cancellation of Star Trek, which caused fans to start writing their own fiction featuring those characters. Fan Fiction is anything with well known media characters, there are websites for both G rated and “adult” fan fiction.
  • Fetish: a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to a specific object, article of clothing or body part
  • Flash Fiction: the little sister to the short story, flash fiction is a genre in which the story should be told in 100 words or less. Word count opinions vary though, you’ll find people calling anything from 75 to 1,500 words “flash”.
  • foot fetish: someone who eroticizes feet. I’ve talked to people with any number of various preferences when it comes to how they like to view feet, from those who have a thing for a certain kind of shoe, to pedicure, to type of toes.
  • Forniphilia: fetish for turning humans into furniture, through elaborate bondage, etc. See House of Gord for an example.
  • Furry: Well, some people use this to describe women who don’t shave (otherwise known as hirsute) and some people use it to describe overly hairy men. Take your pick.
  • Frottage: rubbing the genitals against clothing or a person, for sexual gratification.


  • GFE: Used in escort terminology, it stands for “girlfriend experience”, an escort who is going to try to give you a friendly, girlfriend-like date.
  • Gunge: Another word for WAM (Wet and Messy) fetish, which involves people getting gunked up with mud, oil, creampie, you name it.


  • hirsute: exceptionally hairy - used to describe either male or female, although I see it more often used to describe women who don’t shave, and have the normal amount of hair any woman would who didn’t shave.



  • Jilling off: a term used to describe women masturbating, instead of “jacking off”. Peter uses this term all the time in his reviews, though the rest of us don’t seem to.



  • Looner: a term to describe someone with a balloon fetish. There are two distinct camps to balloon fetishists - some who love it when the balloons are popped (between breasts or thighs, etc) and those who absolutely do not WANT the balloon to pop, but merely to bulge.


  • mature: a term used to describe older women in the adult world. I’ve seen this used by some webmasters to describe any woman over the age of about 25, but in our listings we only put sites in that category that are over 40, or specifically refer to themselves as “mature”.
  • MILF: acronym for “mother I’d like to fuck”, very commonly used in the adult internet world in the past few years. Generally it’s used to describe women in their late 20s and their 30s.


  • non-recurring: we use this in reviews to denote a site that offers paid access without automatically rebilling you monthly.


  • OTC: you’ll sometimes see this used in reviews to denote “one time charge” - a site that offers a single month (or other term) access without automatically renewing/billing you.


  • P-spot: a fairly new term to describe the “male G-spot”: stimulating the male prostate via anal penetration.
  • plumper: a term used to describe a larger woman by some webmasters. I generally don’t see women referring to themselves this way, most of the women I know who do their own sites prefer the term BBW (big, beautiful woman).
  • Plushy: Plushy/plushie fetishists are people who eroticize stuffed animals, or dressing as stuffed animals.
  • POV: point-of-view. Lots of times you’ll see this in reviews when we’re describing content that was shot by the person engaged in the sex act - you know the type I’m talking about, like a blowjob video or photo set all shot by the guy getting the blowjob.



  • Recurring: adult paysites that automatically bill you for whatever time amount the subscription is. Most adult sites are recurring billing, it’s an exception when they aren’t. See our consumer tips section for info on how to make sure you can cancel, and what to do if you have a hard time.


  • Slash fiction: Definition from Wikipedia: fan fiction, describing gay pairings between media characters, often in explicit detail, and very frequently outside the canon of the source. The name arises from the use of the slash character in phrases such as ‘Kirk/Spock’ to describe the stories. (’Kirk/Spock’ is widely thought to be the first type of slash fiction, first appearing in the 1970s in Star Trek fanzines.)
  • Snowballing: the act of transfering semen from one mouth to another.


  • TV/TS: acronym for transexual and transvestite.




  • WAM: acronym for “Wet and Messy”, which eroticizes women (or men) getting goopy - mudwrestling, pies in the face, whipped cream, any number of things.
  • WMV: Windows Media Viewer, probably the format most widely used for both streaming and downloadable video files.