laya spot vibeHere’s another toy that makes me just a tad jealous that I’m not a woman. The Laya Spot is an ergonomically-designed vibrator that fits perfectly into the palm of your hand and is contoured to comfortably stimulate the clitoris and the vulva. At your fingertips is a pair of buttons that allow you to not only easily control the intensity of the vibrations, but also select from a few different rhythms. Powered on a couple of AAA batteries, the Laya Spot is small enough to keep in your purse, making it great for impromptu, on-the-go masturbation sessions. And it’s fairly quiet, so you won’t wake your neighbors. It’s atypical design provides a couple of extra benefits. One, you can easily use it to massage sore neck and shoulder muscles. Two, if it were discovered in your purse by someone else, they’d most likely believe you when you said it was for massaging sore neck and shoulder muscles.

My partner tried it out and liked the way it offered a full genital massage. However, she’s spoiled on more powerful electric wand-style vibrators and found the Laya Spot not quite packing enough punch for her. She said it was enough to warm her up, but needed more to bring her home.

So, there you go. If you are sufficiently satisfied by battery-run vibes, the Laya Spot ($45) will make a great addition to your nightstand or toy chest. If, on the other hand, your Hitachi Magic Wand is hardwired to the outlet beside your bed, chances are the Laya Spot will fall short of blowing your mind.

- Lippy Imp

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