body waxThis is one of those rare toys that manages to capture the best of two worlds: the BDSM heat with the relaxing sensuality of a warm massage oil.  Here is why.  The Body Wax Candle is actually made of soy and essential oils that melt at a lower temperature than traditional wax.  The benefit is that the person being dripped on doesn’t get burned.  Also, instead of firming up into a scab-like splotch, hot Body Wax can be rubbed into the skin, making it perfect for a loving massage.   So, you can use it either way, sparing yourself shaking yucky candle wax out of your sheets at the end of the night.  

The Body Wax Candle comes in a number of different scents like lavender, peach, or vanilla, as well as the unscented “Nude”.  The candles are housed in a small, lidded tin without any telltale labels that suggest sexuality, so you can safely leave them on your nightstand without raising any eyebrows from the nosy.  The only thing that’s a bit of a downer about them is that they don’t melt evenly.  After a few uses, the burned wick forms a well in the center, leaving lots of unmelted Body Wax all around the sides.  Still, between price ($10) and function, it’s hard to beat such a great deal on a toy that offers so much heat, both literally and figuratively. - Lippy Imp

Buy it at Babeland, our favorite sextoy supplier.