texGenius.  That’s what it is: pure genius.  The good folks over at Vixen Creations have been hard at work in their laboratories trying to come up with a 100 percent silicone dildo that feels like an actual penis.  And by George, I think they’ve done it.  The Tex, the first in a line of dildos featuring their patented VixSkin, has a squeezably soft outer layer with a firm yet flexible core inside.  As an owner of a flesh and blood, working dick, I am impressed by how lifelike the VixSkin really is.  

Tex is modeled after one of their older models, the Bogart, which is amongst my personal favorite dildos.  It has a perfect combination for those who enjoy having their prostate rung like a bell:  not too long in length, just a little thick, and a great curve.  The Bogart has never done me wrong and quite often has sent me into orbit.  Tex, however, raised the bar significantly.  It’s hard to describe how good it felt upon penetration, but I could definitely tell the difference, and I won’t go back.  VixSkin is so much easier to receive, so much more comfortable to get yourself that once you try it, you’re not likely to turn back.

And, of course, it’s silicone, meaning it can be sterilized, unlike other lifelike materials that feel good, but are porous and impossible to truly clean.  The only knocks against Tex and VixSkin is that it is slightly sticky, so it picks up lint, dust and whatnot in a hurry, and that at room temperature it feels colder than an ordinary dildo.  But both of these issues are easy enough to fix with a simple rinse in hot tap water.   Once you get Tex near 98.6 degrees, you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between it and a real dick (Hint: the Tex will be the one that is certain to satisfy all night long without fail).

Tex earns my highest marks, and I can’t recommend it strongly enough.  It’s a bit pricey ($94), but if you’re looking for something unique, this is it.  A VixSkin toy makes a great gift for either you or your loved one (by the way, my birthday is coming up—hint hint), and if nothing else will make you feel better about the Lone Star State.  Which reminds me, Vixen Creations also makes the Lonestar, a slightly bigger dildo, in VixSkin.  Hmmm, I wonder what that one feels like. - Lippy Imp
Tex measures 5″ long by 1 1/2″ diameter.

Buy it at Babeland, our favorite sextoy store.