bondage beltMacGyver had one of these, I’m pretty sure.  And so should you if you are the type that likes to have their sex toys handy at all times or, at the very least, likes to get the most bang for your buck.  On the one hand, it’s a simple yet attractive black leather belt that can be worn with just about anything (provided your waist is 32” or smaller).  But then let’s say you’re confronted with a sassy partner who need to be put in their place right there on the spot.  Just whip out the Bondage Belt from your pants, thread the end through a couple of loops, and voila!—suddenly your partner is securely bound and helpless, ready to obey your commands.  

The construction on this belt is sturdy, so there’s no need to worry about them breaking free.  As with most leather products, the Bondage Belt becomes more comfortable with use.  Holes line the majority of the belt’s length, meaning that it will adequately bind nearly any size of wrists.  Or ankles.  Or even thighs.  And that’s the great thing about the Bondage Belt: its versatility.  It can be used any number of ways to tie someone up, and as soon as you’re done with them, you can use it to hold up your pants…once you’ve pulled them up from around your ankles.

Even its price ($40) is more than reasonable when compared to leather belts designed only for traditional use.  I only have a couple of knocks against it.  One, when brand new, the Bondage Belt is pretty stiff.  I highly recommend wearing it around your waist several times before using it on someone else.  And two, it only comes in black (you have to match the shoes, of course).  Those small quibbles aside, the Bondage Belt is a great buy for those into fun, spontaneous sex and also for those who can hotwire a car with a toothbrush, a postage stamp and a dishtowel.

Buy it at Babeland, Jane’s recommended sextoy store.