Tucked into a corner booth at our favorite pizza joint one rainy Seattle night, my secondary partner Dancer and I were deep in conversation. The topic? Fantasy fulfillment. More specially, fantasies we have refused to fulfill for others. Sure they’re any number of things I have refused to do because they were too dangerous, too personal, or just too impractical. But the one that stands out as one that I would have really enjoyed delivering, but in the end just had to say no to, was the glory hole fantasy.

What is a “glory hole”, you ask? It’s just that, a hole drilled in the wall at about waist height. Insert your erect penis into the hole and an anonymous orifice on the other side of the wall will service you sexually. While most commonly associated with the gay scene, glory holes have a sort of mythical reputation. See, nobody has actually been to one - rather they have heard of them being in places like adult movie houses, peep shows, public toilets and truck stops. Surf the web long enough, and you can find plenty of straight porn featuring some cutie on her knees sucking off a random cock poking out of a dingy wall.

A perky brunette in her late 20’s, her fantasy centered upon the idea of being used as an anonymous sex object. Not a girl with a name and a history, but rather a thing to be physically exploited and discarded. The scene would go down something like this: She would be blindfolded and taken to an unknown location, probably an adult bookstore. Once inside, the blindfold, and most of her clothes, would be removed for all the male patrons in attendance to lustfully eyeball. After being sufficiently paraded about and exposed to all who wished to partake, I would take her back to the “private” peepshow booths. There, kneeling on the sticky floors she would service the eager, drooling cocks of unknown men as they aggressively pressed them through the strategically placed holes in the walls on either side of her. Using her hands, mouth and cunt she would take all cummers till she was exhausted and covered in countless men’s seed.

Sounds pretty damn hot, right? A pretty girl offering her body up as a sex toy to be used and degraded - and she wants me to deliver this fantasy to her. The problem was I could not, with a clear conscious, put her in that situation and ensure her safety. What? You thought the whole appeal of kink was that it was all about the dangerous sex? It would be way beyond the scope of this column to get into all the different viewpoints and various arguments around the idea of “Safe, Sane and Consensual” play. Suffice to say that while many activities we do enjoy could be considered dangerous, good SM practitioners work hard to minimize the possible risks. Yes, the element of danger-that risk of public exposure and random sexuality fueled the fires of the fantasy; but the underlying truth of the matter was that in the end she was expecting to go home in one piece, safe and whole.

For me, the risks were just too high. Too many things to keep track of.

First and foremost would have to be the aspect of her physical safety. Take a dozen, horny, hungry and unknown men and toss in a naked girl and you have the potential for a possible disaster. “Safe, Sane and Consensual” is probably the last thing on their minds. Add to this the risk of random STD exposure. What, am I going to ask them all when last had an STD test? I suppose I could hire a dozen of my friends, folks I knew who could do this while respecting the limits of the scene, to “pose” as customers, perhaps bring a few burly friends as bodyguards, adding yet another layer of complexity. Add to all of this the matter that most locations with Glory Holes don’t exactly advertise their existence in the yellow pages.

In the end it came down to a matter of too many variables. Too many “what if” issues that could not be adequately addressed in such a matter that I could not ensure her safety while effectively delivering this experience to her. In the end I sadly had to decline her request.

So you see, even a kinky top like me has limits…

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