Hi, I’m a novice fetish eroticism writer, and also a switch female that writes from my own experience. I was looking for sites/magazines that are looking for new blood or talent. I was wondering could you help me out. I am published in my hometown, but am told I am a bit hardcore at times. I love to write, and think that I have a gift for it, is there a special list of mags that are looking, how do I find them? Thanks so much for your help in this matter, O.

Dear O,

I’d suggest checking out the Erotica Readers Association if you’re looking for publishing opportunities. They have a great networking community for erotica writers, as well as posting all sorts of calls for submission from publications both online and print. You can find them at http://www.erotica-readers.com/ they’ve been online since 1996, and are probably the best source for what you’re looking for.

best of luck!


Hi jane, I want to enter into an Escort Service but I’m from a small town that’s about 45 minutes away from Greensboro, NC. I would love to get professional pictures made to use in my search. Do you suggest someone in North Carolina?

don’t know of any in particular from your area, sadly. Being in Seattle, most of the photographers I know are here on the west coast.

There are a couple of major websites for getting photographers and models in touch with each other, where you may find someone close by. Many of the photographers do work for hire or TFP (trade time for prints and rights)

One is One Model Place - http://www.onemodelplace.com/

the other is GlamourModels.com, and here is the link to their North Carolina listings: http://www.glamourmodels.com/photogs/NorthCarolina.html

Hope that helps!