Leave it to the wiseacres at Nerve.com to put out a tongue-in-cheek book of sexual positions that is alternately useful and hysterical.

Written by Emma Taylor and Lorelei Sharkey, the same team behind the column “The Em & Lo Down (Advice from Near-Experts), this book contains no text aside from the hilarious titles given to each position and the introduction in which the authors state their goals. “This isn’t a hippie sex manual, damn it, and we don’t have any interest in fixing sex,” they warn at the beginning of the book. Basically, they just wanted to have some fun thinking up clever names for different sexual positions.

The book moves through the days of the year, offering a position for each one with nothing more than a basic outline sketch of two people and a kooky title. Some of the positions repeat with a different name, and others, like “Jedi Training” which features the man riding the woman piggyback, are as impossible as they are funny.

And that is really the point of this book. It’s not about teaching or correcting. Instead, Position of the Day seeks merely to amuse and perhaps inspire you to try something new, because sometimes that’s all you need to get you through the day.

Chronicle Books, 2003, paperback