I actually really love Valentine’s Day, mostly because my inner child loves both the color pink and hearts. I don’t, however, usually celebrate it as a romantic holiday. Rather, for the past couple of years it’s been a family occasion. I do a big dinner, with “the good china” and crystal glasses, little boxes of chocolates at each setting, champagne (and sparkling cider for the kids), pink candles, etc. Last night one of my best friends came over (she’s another of the informal “aunts” to my daughters) to join us.

We had a lovely evening, capped by an early bedtime - I only lasted until about 10pm. I’m not a nighttime person OR a morning person, I’m a true-believer in the 8-10 hours of sleep a night person.

So. I mentioned I had a bunch of things on my mind, one of which was orgasm without physical stimulation. While we were gone over the weekend, I had an orgasm in my sleep. I was dreaming (it gets weirder, in the dream I was Vamp, one of my site reviewers, and I was.. ahem.. “product testing” for review purposes) and when the dreamstate orgasm happened, I woke up to the actual physical symptoms - flushed upper chest, girl parts still pulsing in end-of-orgasm clenches. I laid there for a few minutes processing the dream, ’cause if you want to remember you have to write it down (or relate it, which I did, to Elliott lying next to me).

The reason I think this is curious is because of the potential link to “orgasm via hypnosis”. Mistress Matisse wrote about this in her blog once, basically debunking the potential because of the lack of any physical component. I’ve always agreed that orgasm via hypnosis is a bunch of BS. Early on in a previous relationship years ago, the bottom in a D/s relationship, I had a Top try to do that conditioning with me. I won’t get too much into how that turned out, but suffice to say anything resembling a real orgasm did not occur. However, if I could have an orgasm in my sleep with NO physical stimulation (and I don’t think I did have any stimulation - there was no telltale scent on my fingers, or wetness on my fingers - OR Elliott’s, who was peacefully sleeping next to me), purely mental, than is it actually possible to get the same result via hypnosis, as opposed to dream?
At any rate, it just sorta sparked my curiousity, although I have to say that I still think 99% of the guys out there (and I agree with Matisse that this seems to be largely a het male top fantasy) are kidding themselves if they think they’re really doing it. I just don’t think there are that many people that skilled in hypnosis, or that many truly hypnosis susceptible bottoms, and it would take both of those elements.

hrm. Anyhow, that’s my story from the weekend. I could stand to dream up some more orgasms once in awhile, it wasn’t a bad way to wake up. :)