Ugh, it’s 7am and I’m in the office 2 hours earlier than usual. I just dropped Elliott off at the ferry terminal, after I take the girls to their dad’s this evening,  I’ll be rushing to get on the last ferry over.

I had to come in early today, I have about 2 hours to get a project done before I have to run off to take the dog to the kennel for the weekend, then errands, packing, hair appointment, and picking up the girls directly after school. In addition to what I do for a “job” here at JG, I do a bunch of volunteer work, which is what this morning is.

One of the things I’ve been missing lately is taking photos.  I’m charging the batteries for  my camera (I use a Canon PowerShot Pro1 right now) so I can try to get some creativity flowing again over the course of the weekend. One thing I want to start getting into is sports photography. Having a daughter who ice skates, an a budding equestrienne, it’d be nice to be able to capture action instead of blur. I wandered around at length yesterday looking at various types of sports photography and noting what cameras were used, but if anyone has suggestions of prosumer model digitals that are up to the task I’d love to hear them. Maybe it’s time to finally consider my first digital SLR, but I don’t know if I’m serious enough about this to warrant the expense. Hrm.

Anyhow… that is my early morning rambling stream-of-consciousness. Have a wonderful weekend, will yakk at you all more on Monday when I get back (and maybe even post a picture or two).