I’m completely annoyed that NBC bowed to pressure from right wing so-called Christians and pulled The Book of Daniel off the air. I was pleasantly surprised to stumble across it on television, thinking that the mainstream networks were completely devoid of any creativity whatsoever. It was not at all anti-religion, rather it showed a religious family as (gasp) HUMAN and fallible and doing the best they could. At any rate, if you were a fan like I was, it looks like the NBC website is going to release one episode a week online until it’s done. *sigh*

On another note, I wanted to mention that Koi has started working with us! Yay! Koi has been online almost as long as I have, with her sex tutorials website Very Koi, and her other sex info site, Positively Sexual. I think she’ll be an awesome addition to our reviewing team, I’m so happy to have her here.

So… this weekend, Elliott and I have our getaway. I can’t wait, a couple of days of no cellphones, no laptops, just relaxation. whee! Talk to you again on Monday.