I had the nicest day the other day. I drove into Seattle for my normal weekly workout, and then met up with James for a long overdue catchup lunch. I haven’t seen him since Elliott and I were married almost a year ago. It was so nice just hanging out after all this time. It was weird not having it be his old haunt on Broadway, but the little French place I picked was a good alternative. For you Seattlites, it’s Le Pichet, on 1st downtown.

After that, it was off to meet Heather while she was in town. I still can’t believe one of my best friends in all the world is finally going to be moving here in March. Back when we were both talking about growing old, alone in housefuls of cats, I wanted her to move here someday but she wouldn’t hear of it. Then she met her OTL (one true love) at my wedding last year, and now I get my way! Woo! (they both gave me license to gloat as much as I want, so gloat I shall!)

We met up with other good friends, including Lippy Imp and his partner, Jhames and the talented Molly Bennett for dinner. Earlier, at lunch, I’d been talking with James about how hard it can be to work in the industry we are in when you don’t have a circle of friends and co-workers. It’s really quite true, and for the past couple of years I’ve seen little of my friends who are either in the industry, or friendly to it. This dinner really sealed that for me, how much I’ve missed being able to sit around talking about the issues that come up completely uncensored. And brainstorm new things we want to work on, and bitch about things, and laugh our asses off about ridiculous stuff we’ve seen. Heather, being the instigator that she is, wants to make such things a weekly event once she moves. I imagine I’ll only get to them about once a month, but I definitely will make sure that I make more time than I have been for the past years. Sadly, I didn’t get to talk to Molly much (first time meeting her, opposite ends of table) but next time. She does lovely photography, among other things.

Anyhow. That was Tuesday. Then Wednesday was filled with appointments, and yesterday I had a too-busy meltdown and spent the day at home trying to clean up the gigantic mess that is my home. I had fun skiing, and I’m looking forward to my next trip with Elliott, but I’m grateful that our calendar is free this weekend.