The girls are all out of school today, and of course it had to be pouring rain. Oh, and can you believe Mt. Baker is closed for several DAYS because of avalanches? The rain for us has been snow for them, with 8 feet of snow in the past week. Honestly, at some point I will get the girls their first snowboarding lesson.

This weekend went by far too quickly, most of it spent on home projects. All of the girls had friends over, so we got a glimpse of the next few years, with a houseful of teenaged girls. Picture if you will the noise level that can be created by two 12 year olds, two 13 year olds and two 14 year olds. Yeah. Amazingly though, they were able to quietly watch a movie until late into the night, instead of keeping us up with screaming and giggling (which is what usually happens.)

So this weekend was devoted to all things homemaking. I painted our entryway a beautiful coppery faux-finish, for one thing. I love how those colors change in the light. In morning light it’s very fiery orange-copper, in the evening it gets a much deeper reddish copper. I have a photograph I took of a sunset that hangs in our entryway, and the wall is the perfect compliment to it. And, I scrapbooked. Yup, pornographer during the week and scrapbooking mom during the weekend. I love having the mementos though, and I don’t do that froufrou overdone stuff. Rather, it’s just as much journaling as it is about pictures (at least I want to go for that) kind of a paper version of my old online journal.

coming this week: Monk’s first column, and more sextoy and book reviews by Lippy Imp. As well as our standard site reviews daily, of course. I accidentally posted tomorrow’s date on the reviews I did today, so you’ll see them appear tomorrow in new listings. Have a good week! –Jane