Friday the 13th even, not that I’m superstitious about such things. I am sooo tired of rain! It’s yet another gloomy day here in gray Washington State. Elliott and I are starting to talk about a trip to somewhere sunny in the next couple of months. The girls will be with their dad on spring break, so it’s a good time to use some airline mileage and get the heck out of this climate. I want Zihuatanejo, Mexico again but I think he’s leaning towards Hawaii, which might be kinda cool since I’ve never been there.

His medical thing went fine yesterday, bunch of tests which we’ll find out more about soon. It was weird going in while he was in recovery though, seeing him in a hospital gown, IV attached and completely groggy. I’m very used to his highly capable and alert self, seeing him vulnerable made me totally nurturing. I cannot tell you how I love this man, it’s nothing I’ve experienced before. /gush.

I was going to visit an old friend tonight in Seattle, and yet again plans changed. The older my daughters get, the less freedom I have in some respects because I’m busy helping them with their activities, whether it’s just a ride, or time spent working on something together. Their weekend with their dad was cancelled, because they all have social things going on with friends here at home, so we swapped weekends. Maybe we can get the snowboarding lesson in that we missed out on last weekend. :)