So remember when I was going on about wanting to paint again? I finally signed up for art class! I haven’t taken an art class since college, I’m totally excited. I start on Monday, just one day a week. I might add a second class, the one I signed up for is drawing and mixed media, but they have an acrylics class too and that’s where my main interest lies. I was just thinking the basic class would be a good start to get back in the creative swing of things.
I’m not working today, I’m sitting here on the couch with my goofy orange and white cat at my feet, listening to Elliott in the background on the phone. He has a medical procedure today that I have to be driver for. He’s going to be given some sort of sedative for the tests they have to do and won’t be able to drive. He’s fine, btw - but he has a serious history of cancer in his family, so better safe than sorry is the thinking of his doc. I’m glad he’s willing to listen, and take care of himself. I know he’s doing it for me, so I won’t worry. And because he understands that we owe it to each other to take care of ourselves. If we’re going to make it to our golden anniversary after such a late start. heh.

Anyhow… I’ll check in again tomorrow and let you all know how things went. –Jane