I’ve always been skeptical about sexual how-to books that cover broad basics. Therefore, I’d never read Lou Paget’s other books, How to Give Her Absolute Pleasure and How to Be a Great Lover. If those books are anywhere as informative and well written as Orgasms, then I have made a big mistake.

Orgasms is chock full of great information for anyone looking to expand and improve on the ways they have orgasms. It talks about achieving orgasms through masturbation, with a partner, and with sex toys, as well as discussing the various body parts with which you can climax. (The mouth? Who knew??). Anatomy, obstacles, diseases, and myths: Paget covers nearly everything and does so with clear, concise language, making this book a breeze to read. I was disappointed at the lack of discussion regarding prostate orgasms, a subject sorely lacking in coverage. Still, I learned lots reading <em>Orgasms</em>, both about male and female orgasms and pleasure. However, my biggest discovery came on the last page of the book where I found out that Lou Paget is actually a woman. Whoops.</p> <p>Lou Paget, Broadway Books, 2004. paperback-Lippy Imp