Indiana Jones hated snakes, but had Karen Allen pegged him with the Copperhead dildo, he would have sung a different tune. Crafted from firm yet pliable silicone, the Copperhead dildo is molded like a serpent: a diamond-shaped head followed by an undulating shaft designed to hit the P and G-spots just so. Besides its appearance, what makes the Copperhead special is its texture. The top half of the dildo has small, bumpy scales while the bottom half features a series of ridges like the kind seen on the underbellies of dragons.

Unlike ribbed or bumpy condoms, you can really feel the difference with the unique texture the Copperhead offers. It feels great against the sensitive skin, making just the mere act of penetration a sensual delight. However, the crevices on the scaly side take on lube much like tire treads take on water. With a car, this is a good thing, but not so with a dildo. To truly enjoy it, you should use a thicker lube and plenty of it. Also, you will need to use extra care in cleaning it, making sure to get into the little spaces where bacteria can hide.

Even with the extra maintenance, the Copperhead dildo ($58) is worth getting. It feels great, and looks ultra-sexy in a harness. With a snake emerging from between your partner’s legs, she’ll look like a rock star. Perhaps this is the time you break out that Adam and Eve fantasy. Or maybe you can play Temple of Doom. Considering the merits of the Copperhead, the two of you might be fighting over who gets to be Indiana Jones first.

–Lippy Imp

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