Sure, it’s a great title for a book, but the content is even better. Kate Taylor has created a wonderfully fun and efficient guide to improving your sex life, covering everything from masturbation to S/M.

Each tip spans no more than two pages, making them easy to understand and remember. But most importantly, Life’s Too Short is fun to read. Taylor’s writing is concise while still managing to be witty. The illustrations, too, are perfect: light and sexy as well as helpful.

Life’s Too Short packs tons of great information into 128 pages. Written with the heterosexual couple in mind, the tips run the gamut of sexuality. There are your standard fellatio/cunnilingus suggestions, along with a few sexual positions. But Taylor goes beyond the garden-variety sex tips to include such things as how to fuck underwater, how to strip, and how to give a good rim job.

Walking the fine line between mild and wild, Life’s Too Short is probably too hot for the prudish and too tame for kinksters. But if you like your vanilla sex with lots of sprinkles and chocolate syrup, this book is right up your alley.

Marlowe and Company, 2003, paperback

-Lippy Imp