Last night I was exhausted. Between getting things going here again and the holidays, I guess I’m getting a bit rundown. I don’t know why, but it’s far more exhausting for me to work in front of a computer all day than to do something physical. Teaching pilates, even being on my feet all day, is not near so tiring as being hunched in front of a screen.

So I got home, started to address belated Christmas cards. I love receiving cards, especially the kind with photos. We have a few different friends who send photocards every year, which I think I’ll start saving in scrapbooks. My own cards weren’t photo this year as they were last, I wasn’t nearly so prepared. As it is they’ll be new year’s cards. With that done, dinner cooked, I collapsed on the couch with a heat pad on my sore neck and shoulders. Elliott and I are in the midst of the most recent DVD release of 24. I love this show, blatant tugging on the heartstrings and all.

Tonight I’ll be doing something to celebrate and recognize the “darkest night of the year” with my daughters. And wrapping presents, baking cookies, and so on.

I’m totally looking forward to next week though, after the holidays. The girls are spending 5 days with their dad, so just today I got Elliott and I booked for a Canadian ski vacation. Just a mini one, 2 nights, 3 days of skiing.

Anyhow… I’ll get it all worked out, this computer work killing me stuff. I guess I just need to balance it all with a bit more theraputic sex. heh. :)

Happy Solstice! –Jane