This book should be required reading for everyone planning on having sexual encounters. Sure, there are lots of great books on how to have good sex, but few go into much detail on what to do when bad things happen to good sex.
Sex Disasters covers nearly every conceivable predicament, from your cat eating a condom to suffering a fractured dick.

Written by Charles Moser, PhD., M.D., and Janet W. Hardy, Sex Disasters contains the kind of expert advice that you’ll be glad you didn’t have to ask a friend for. Each subject is dealt with seriously, but also with a playfulness that makes reading a pleasure. For example, when faced with the crises of having something stuck in your butt, the authors say, “Well, before we tell you how to get it out, you’re just going to have to sit there—or, more likely, stand there—and listen to a lecture about how not to get stuff stuck in there in the first place.”

More than just troubleshooting, the authors also offer sage advice on topics like how to shave your genitals or how to unhook a bra. Basically, it’s like having an older sibling without having to compete for your parents’ affection. And, if nothing else, Sex Disasters has enough information and laughs to make an excellent bathroom reader. Let’s just hope that’s the only reason you need to pick it up.

Greenery Press, 2002, paperback

-Lippy Imp