I figured it was time for a check-in, since it’s been awhile. It’s a super-snowy Christmas Eve Day, and our little family is preparing for a bunch of guests. Molly and her family are staying the night tonight, and hopefully my mom will make it here also. She’s working all day in Seattle, so I’m crossing my fingers that the roads will be better later. It’s not supposed to warm up that much here, but it IS supposed to rain in Seattle. At any rate, we’re having friends and family over tonight for games and hot chocolate (and hot buttered rums)

Things are wonderful - my little retail shop is going well, my girls are happy and healthy, and Elliott is as awesome as always. I love having a husband and partner that I can share ALL of my facets with. I’ll admit to being an odd mix of traditional and wacky, conventional and kinky. It’s nice not having to be just one thing.

We’re planning a little two-day getaway before the year is over, once family time is done. My favorite little quiet waterfront spot, the place we fell in love a few years ago. Then we’ll spend New Year’s with Natasha and her husband, then it’ll be back to the normal grind for awhile, until (hopefully) we’ll find the time for a warm getaway in February. Mexico always starts calling my name around February.

I need to get some work done with AAG on the site - she’s been doing a ton around here, which I’m grateful for since I have a couple of other jobs as well. I’m hoping to finally spend some time with some site upgrades. It’s needed, we’ve been stagnant for too long. So… look for something there in the new year, it’s my resolution. :)

anyhow, just wanted to wish you all a wonderful holiday. I hope you’re spending it with those you love.