I am ridiculously impressed by the Lelo Nea Mini Vibrator from Black Label Adult Shop.

As you have possibly realized, I’m a bit prejudiced toward large toys. I adore toys that stretch me out, fill me up, pound into me and otherwise make me scream. So when I had my first look at the Nea in the flesh (as it were), I thought I’d be disappointed.

Au contraire, my friends. While the Nea measures in at a mere 3″ long, it feels surprisingly strong in the hand, and more importantly, on the clit. But we’ll get to that in a moment.

The Lelo Nea arrives fully charged, so you can put the toy to use right away. Two small power buttons on the wider end of the toy allow you to turn it on, increase the power, and even lock the toy so that it does not buzz merrily away in your purse as you travel through airport security. There’s a tiny port on the back end of the toy where the charging cord connects.

The toy itself has a super-smooth porcelain finish (available in either sexy black or pale blue) which feels great in the hand. My Nea is black, and it comes decorated with swirls of purple flowers, including a pair placed right on the end that’s meant to be used on the clit. Very sexy.

The shape of the Nea resembles a scaled-down computer mouse. It rests in the hand just as comfortably as does a good mouse–but it’s much more fun than any mouse, even a mouse you are using to surf porn. The Nea’s small instruction manual suggests nestling the toy between the labia for a hands-free session of pleasure. I tried this, and it’s very nice indeed. The toy hasn’t a single pointy or rough edge on it, so you could safely grind away on it for as long as the charge lasts. A slight inward curve allows the toy to conform to your curves, so the smaller end would rest against your clit as the larger end softly buzzed closer to your vaginal opening.

As it rests here on my desk, the Nea looks a bit like a highly-polished worry stone. You really can’t resist letting your fingers explore it, as it’s so different from other sex toys. A slight tap causes the toy to rock gently back and forth, and for extra fun, you can turn it on and watch it jiggle across the desk.

Just kidding. Don’t waste the charge on goofing off with the Nea. Save it for your clit.

The Nea is amazingly quiet; you do not get the strong rattling typical of battery powered vibes. If you hold the Nea at arm’s length, it’s virtually silent. From another room, a listener would hear only your moans.

I tried the Nea while reclining in an armchair, my legs hooked over the chair’s arms. The Nea has a ton of power for such a small vibe. I’ve often been disappointed with the intensity that comes from rechargeable vibes, but this toy is an exception. It was powerful enough to give me a gushing orgasm within five minutes.

The only issue I have with the Nea is very minor and easily rectified. Because it’s so small, all of it will become covered in your juices. It’s labeled as “splash proof,” so I wouldn’t worry about the moisture hurting the operation of the toy, but I’d prefer to keep such a precious toy as clean as possible. I’d suggest encasing the entire toy in a condom before use so as to avoid any possibility of gunking up the buttons or the charging port.

Included with the Nea are three interchangeable charging connectors, so that you can (presumably) charge your toy worldwide, and a velvety black carrying pouch emblazoned with the logo of Black Label Adult Shop. All of these extras tuck away into a classy black storage box.

Add a ribbon to the top and you’ve got the perfect gift.


Available from Black Label Adult Shop
3″ x 1.4″ x 1″
approximately $108