On the to-do list:

  • write long overdue review of my favorite sextoy, the Eroscillator (once I’ve recovered from it’s affects, since it’s worn me out in the past 48 hours. Damn, it’s good to have my sexdrive back!)
  • finish the setup for the prize giveaways. cute Flash games coming!
  • put up more book and toy reviews. There are a couple of new book reviews up today, but AAG is faster at sending them than I am at posting them!
  • put together retrospective of prior ten years of JG for my upcoming JG birthday!
  • pick up awesomely cute JG t-shirts
  • bank deposits and other errands
  • yoga!
  • dry cleaner

I’m still behind. Way behind. And we’re leaving in about 4 hours for most of the weekend. I suppose I wouldn’t be so far behind if Elliott and I hadn’t chosen to spend the last two days in bed for a good deal of the morning, but hey it was for our sanity. I don’t know how non-self-employed people with children manage to have sex lives. Where on earth do you find the time and privacy? Or perhaps I’m just too loud and need to figure out how to do things a little more quietly so we could have evening sex. heh.