saturnIf you spied the Saturn Wand sitting out on your friend’s dresser, you might be tempted to think that she’d invested in a unique piece of chunky silver jewelry. That’s how pretty it is. Polished and highly reflective, the Wand consists of a 1″ diameter ball which gradually melds into a curved shaft; the other end is made of three increasingly-larger balls (the largest is just a shade smaller than the largest ball on the other end). Each ball is so softly tapered that no one need fear insertion of this toy either vaginally or anally.

The Saturn Wand was created by Njoy Toys, a company with a relentless dedication to the study of sexual mechanics and pleasure. The Saturn Wand is made from solid medical-grade stainless steel, meaning that it will never corrode, break or leech questionable chemicals into to your body. Just about the only thing you could do to damage your toy would be to clean it with something abrasive; you could still use the toy but its shine would vanish. Clean this toy with soap and water or in the dishwasher to keep the shine. Any lube will work well with the Saturn Wand, and it will require very little as the surface is completely non-porous.

When you receive your Saturn Wand, you’ll find it in a hinged black box, cuddled into a fitted piece of satin-covered foam. The box is gorgeous, almost like a jewelry box, but you just might be tempted to leave your Saturn Wand out as a piece of erotic art instead of hiding it away.

Weighing in at 11 oz., the Saturn Wand feels solid and balanced in the hand. The weight is really lovely for applying pressure to the g-spot or to the prostate. Because of the toy’s curve, you’ll have no problem holding on to the beaded end of the toy when you use the single-ball end vaginally; the curve positions the toy perfectly for g-spot stimulation.

I’ve used the Saturn for explosive g-spot play (it makes me gush, every single time) and ass-play. I love the cold feeling of the Saturn when it’s first inserted. You can intensify this by dipping it in cool water or placing it briefly in the refrigerator. If you love the feel of something heated on your skin, let the Saturn sit in a bowl of warm water before playtime. I wouldn’t though. I like the brief shock of cool metal contrasting against my hot pussy.

If you’ve never played with your bottom before, the Saturn would be a great way to get started. The longish handle insures that you’ll have no difficulties getting the toy where it belongs, and the increasing diameter of the beads means that you’ll have a way to work yourself up to larger toys. Also, if you decide you don’t like anal stimulation (though I can’t imaging that you wouldn’t!), you can re-purpose the toy for only vaginal use.

Or for use on your partner’s bottom.

If I’m paying this much for a toy, I expect it to be multi-purpose. I love that either end of the Saturn Wand can easily be used in the pussy or the bottom; just turn it around and go directly from the the former to the latter (but never the reverse, not without a thorough cleaning).

I’ve now been lucky enough to try all the toys in the Njoy line, including their heavier Pure Wand and their fabulous butt-plug. You will not be disappointed by the quality and performance of these toys.


“>Available at Babeland
7 1/2″ x 1″
11 oz.