I’m sure almost everyone reading this blog knows what “MILF” stands for, but just in case: “Mother I’d Love to Fuck” is what the actual acronym stands for. It originated, far as I know, via the world of online porn, with MILF being a type of porn featuring women a bit older than typical. Of course when you consider that a vast percentage of porn features 18-20 year olds, usually MILFs are represented as women in their *gasp* TWENTIES.

At any rate, somehow it caught on and as part of the pornification of our society, is now an almost universally accepted term, at least in suburbia. Everyone knows what it means, although it’s tossed around to mean “hot” by most people. What I can’t understand is how all of a sudden women are proudly wearing MILF tshirts and other accessories - it still means what it means, and when did it become socially acceptable to walk around with an “I’m a woman you’d like to fuck, aren’t I?” tshirt?

Still, it really took the cake when I saw these baby onesies. Now we’ve got infants proclaiming that you’d want to fuck their mothers. Nice.

I just don’t understand when sex positive turned into taste negative.