I love silicone lube. I love it so much I’d bathe in it, if that were possible, and if I had time to take a bath.

However, it’s not wise to use silicone lube on your silicone toys, so sometimes you need a water-based lube. Enter Babeland’s Entice Lube.

Entice Lube is the creation of Babeland’s own lube-ologists, who set out to create an attractively-packaged and high-quality slippery product. They succeeded.

The pretty glass bottle looks like it might contain an expensive perfume, so you’ll have no worries about leaving this lube on your night stand. The bottle is labeled with two clear stickers (listing ingredients and what-not); these peel off leaving no residue if you want even more security. Clever, eh?

I tried Entice out with a couple of my silicone sex-toys and it worked very nicely. The squirt top made it easy to get the lube where I wanted it on the toys. The formula itself is thin but not drippy. Just a few squirts provided more than enough lubrication for me to take a long rough ride on my dildos.

Entice dries with only a tiny hint of stickiness. Smaller amounts can simply be rubbed into the skin.

The taste is very lightly sweet, so if you encounter some on your fingers or another body part later, you won’t be grossed out in the least.

My bottle of Entice arrived with a few very tiny crystals suspended in the clear fluid. Upon questioning the ever-helpful staff at Babeland, I was told that one of the components of the lube re-crystallizes during temperature changes; this is normal and not harmful in the least.


$20 for 4oz.