Don’t say that I didn’t warn you. I’m warning you now.

The Jollie is a large toy. Go on, go look at it right now. I’ll wait.

You looked. Good. Doesn’t the Jollie look like a snail divested of its shell? That’s what I thought the first time I saw it. I thought that it looked far too small to do anything, despite the claims that it was contoured to fit a woman’s body.

Let me assure you that this toy is not small. I know it’s hard to imagine from pictures on a website and the words you’re reading, so I’ll try to be concrete. When I wrap my hand around the widest point of the Jollie, my fingers barely meet.

And I have large hands.

The insertable length of the Jollie is about 4 1/2″. I was given a very pretty rose-colored sample. It’s got just a touch of shimmer to it. If you aren’t fond of rose, there’s a good selection of other colors from which to choose. If you spend a bit more, you can order a firm Jollie made from clear silicone with sparkles, or an opaque white toy with polka-dots. How festive!

If you are really feeling fancy (and indulgent), you can custom-order a Jollie with anything you like embedded in clear silicone. Tiny beads that spell out your name? Sure! Charms to represent your Zodiac sign? Can do! A picture of your lover? Ask ‘em, why not! Now how many other companies will personalize sex-toys for you, hm?

The toy is made of medical-grade silicone, which is an absolutely excellent product for sex-toys. You can boil it to sterilize, and the Jollie website even states that you can use a silicone lube with it, which is a big no-no with many other silicone toys. Unlike cheaper jelly toys, silicone toys have no odor and (if used properly) will never become sticky.

The Jollie’s unusual shape was created by the careful study of female anatomy. It’s designed to fill the vagina and nestle right up against the cervix. A bump on the shaft of the toy puts pressure on the g-spot, while ridges on the handle rub against the clitoris. The end of the handle can be tapped or wiggled for added stimulation and a bullet-vibe can be placed in the handle’s hole for even more fun.

I am no slouch when it comes to taking on large sex-toys. I love large sex-toys. I revel in them. I’d like to believe that I’ve got the whole relaxation thing down enough that I can enjoy just about any size of sex-toy.

But. BUT! When I lubed up the Jollie and tried to use it for its intended purpose, it wouldn’t go in. The large bump meant to push against the g-spot simply hurt.

I abandoned the toy and concentrated instead on my clit. After warming up properly with several small orgasms, I tried once again to insert the Jollie. This time, it slid home just fine.

This is my advice to you: Respect the Jollie. Go slow with it. Warm up. You’ll thank me for this advice.

The toy is intended to sit firmly in the vagina while your hands are otherwise occupied. Mine sat still until I began thrashing hard, then it started to make a break for it. Soon, however, I got the hang of keeping it in, and it was really nice to be filled up and still have my hands free. I experimented with a bullet vibe in the handle; this felt great. Because silicone is somewhat squishy, I was even able to bend the handle to get more direct stimulation from the bullet.

Overall, I really enjoyed this toy and I will use it again. The quality materials, excellent design and absolutely unique nature of the Jollie make it a great choice.

Clean up of course is easy with a silicone toy; hot water and soap will do the trick. The toy comes with a pretty black storage pouch and a cute presentation box, so you’ll be able to keep your toy away from prying eyes.

Not that many people would know what it was if they saw the Jollie sitting out. They’d just think you’d acquired a modern-art sculpture of a shell-free snail.


Jollie Soft from Jollies Sex Toys
7″ long x 2″ diameter