shes on topBecause I am not a dominant woman (er…I’m mostly not a dominant woman), I expected to find little to excite me in She’s On Top, Rachel Kramer Bussel’s companion-book to He’s On Top (reviewed here).

I’m glad to report that I was so wrong.

Because really, don’t most women from time to time want to be the dominant one? The one who gets exactly what she wants precisely when she wants it? The one who has several men begging to service her? The woman who can demand that her man cook her dinner, feed it to her slowly and even serve as her personal footstool, should the urge strike?

As the narrator of “Ottoman Empress” says, “…I definitely have my ‘empress-of-all-i-survey’ fantasies.” I can so relate.

Rachel Kramer Bussel does an excellent job in selecting hot, unique stories with oomph. By “oomph,” I mean that these are the kinds of stories that you will remember after you finish reading them. You’ll remember them after you’ve removed your slippery fingers from your own personal panties (or shorts), put away your toys and gone back to your lives. These are sex-stories that you’ll keep thinking about long after the orgasm has passed.

In “Shades of Red,” our heroine find how a leather whip can become an extension of her body–and her mind–as she administers her first beating. “Suit and Tie” allows us a glimpse into the mind of a temporary administrative assistant who exerts firm control in her relationship with her boss. The titular character of “Ottoman Empress” subjugates her partner, even using him as convenient and sexy furniture.

Mmmm a man willing to be my furniture. I can so get into that idea.

My favorite story in the anthology is “Victoria’s Hand” by Lisette Ashton, wherein our narrator, a 19th-Century young lady, sets the ground rules for her betrothed while demanding his oral services. I’m wishing I’d done something like that before my own marriage. We could all learn something from young Victoria’s method.

In her introduction to She’s On Top, Rachel Kramer Bussel writes, “…[it’s] not about seizing power by any means necessary. It’s about the erotic dance between the top and bottom, between one who gets off on controlling another and one whose greatest fantasy is to give it up to a powerful other.” It most certainly is. And it’s lovely to read.

-reviewed by AlwaysArousedGirl

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5 x 8, 220 pages
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