Ok, so I mentioned briefly that we went to dinner on the beach in Bucerias a few days ago. Last night we went back, to have dinner at a place called Tapas del Mundo. One of our sailing coaches suggested it to us, so we decided to try it because I love tapas. Anyhow, when we got to Bucerias, the cab driver dropped us off in front of a 3 story building that had “tapas del mundo” painted on the side. There was a sidewalk restaurant operating, which was obviously not it. They pointed us to around the corner. We walked around the corner and found a menu beside the doorway for “The Bar Above“, which was desserts and drinks. A little confused, we wondered whether we had misunderstood our friend. Wanting real food, we started to walk down the street, only to find another menu on the other side of the door that had tapas listed. We walked up to the second floor, to find a door cracked partway open, with a stack of boxes halfway blocking it. Peeking around the corner, we could see people seated at a bar, so we went in.

There was no hostess stand or reception type area, and we didn’t see anyone who looked as if they worked there at first. Then a white haired older man came up to us, looking at us as if we had two heads apiece. “You want to eat?” he queried us. We said yes, so he seated us at one of the long tables next to the bar, since there was no space at the bar. He didn’t exactly seem welcoming, but hey he’d given us a place to sit. Then another patron took pity on us and told us that Jorge would give us a lot of sh*t, but that we should just dish it right back. And to grab spots at the bar the moment they were available.

As it turned out, the food, the company and especially Jorge were delightful. We’d come late, which we found out when attempting to order a caesar salad off the menu. “You had to be here at 7 for that, we don’t make it after 7” we were informed. I think we’d showed up around 8:30, to figure out that normally he only sat people from 7 to 8. He claimed he’d taken pity on us only because I was cute. He claimed he’d have turned Elliott away, but I don’t know whether or not to believe that.

At any rate, the food being wonderful, we ended up back there again this evening, only this time promptly at 7. We spent the early part of the day recovering from last night, as we’d stayed out until 3am at the Irish pub up the street. I love everything about this town so far, from the flea market to the beach to the restaurants tucked away here and there. I love that in Mexico, things are colorful. Walls are orange and yellow, almost nothing is beige like we do everything in the States. Bucerias in particular has an artistic vibe to it, and everyone is so friendly. Tonight after dinner we went to “The Bar Above” after dinner, for chocolate souffle, sitting on the tiny rooftop deck overlooking the city. Breeze off the ocean, fireworks in the distance, it was all so very lovely.

I’m getting sad that our time is about up. The owner of The Bar Above told us about a Sunday afternoon jam session at a place on the beach maybe 10 minutes North of town, so we might do that tomorrow. I still haven’t bought the vanilla though.