of our racing seminar at least. But we have 2 1/2 days left here after that, which is nice. Tonight we’re going to an Irish pub of all things, which is in Bucerias. We’re going for the live music, and to see some of the friends we’ve made while we’ve been down here. It’ll be a fun night, and probably the latest I’ve stayed up (music starts at 9) since we got here.

My muscles are finally getting back to normal. Yesterday was yet another gorgeous, sunny day with perfect wind so we sailed up and down the bay for hours. We were doing downwind maneuvers, and I found myself very jealous of the rigging on this boat (we’re sailing J80s) because the way the spinnaker is set up is soooo easy on the crew. I learned how to surf waves a bit better, and spent some time just lying on the side rail soaking up the sun while Elliott drove.

I think we’ve ruled out any diving this weekend. I still have an awful cough, though it’s not as often as it was before. Elliott keeps insisting that I may have “walking pneumonia”, but I feel fine. Just a little tired. It’s a long lasting cold, that’s for sure.

Anyhow, time to get ready to go. It’s almost 9am, which is almost 7am at home. Oh hey, it just occurred to me that with the time difference, I might FINALLY adjust to the time change back home! I’ve been waking up an hour late since it happened, probably now I’ll be waking up an hour early. Yay!