joystickMy Farenhite Glass Joy Stick arrived cushioned with bubble wrap in a simple white box. Robin Swan, owner of Farenhite Glassworks, tells me that her company is committed to environmentally friendly practices such as reducing excessive packaging and using renewable fuel sources.

An American Indian-owned business, Farenhite Glassworks has been operating on tribal land in Hot Springs Montana since 2001. This year, they’ve begun turning their talents to making sexy glass products, including the Joy Stick.

Once I set free my Joy Stick from its layers of wrapping, I examined it closely. Gorgeous swirls of blue and purple run the length of the toy. It’s indented with four very gentle bloops on the shaft; the final bloop is shaped into a cock-head complete with frenulum. A nice wide base allows it to stand proudly upright and makes the Joy Stick ideal for anal play. The base is signed and dated by its creator. Mine was “born” earlier this month. It’s a nice touch to see evidence that a person made my toy by hand.

The Joy Stick feels very different from the borosilicate toys I’ve handled. It’s lighter and airier; you can see a hollow core through the swirls of luscious color running through the toy.

While the toy might seem more delicate than its borosilicate cousins, Swan assures me that its resistance to damage is just as high, if not higher. Her company also makes glass sinks using the same process; she says that they’ve rigorously tested all their glass for strength and durability (you can view a fun and educational video of artist and creator Eric Klein creating a gorgeous dong here, if you’d like).

Now for the real test–how does it feel? After extensive testing, I have to report that it felt great. Like any glass toy, the texture is smooth and cool, but it quickly warms to body temperature. I found the size to be really nice for my body–not too thin and not too outrageously fat. The wide base made vigorous thrusting quite easy, and before too long, my Joy Stick had me gushing all over the place. Nice work, Robin and Farenhite! I’ll be using this toy regularly.

At the moment, Farenhite Glassworks only sells to dealers. You should be able to find their products at JT’s Stockroom in the very near future.


Farenhite Glassworks Joy Stick
7.8″ (height) by 2.4″ (diameter)
approximately $99.95 retail
Available soon at JT’s Stockroom.