Ok, so we didn’t wait until dinner tonight. Here is my very pretty anniversary present from Ellliott - I know it’s a tad bit blurry, but hey I just snapped it on the Mac Photobooth while I sat here at my desk. heh, I remember the days back when I had a little webcam precariously perched on the top of my flowerpower iMac, kinda like that brilliant Mac vs. PC ad where they are taping a cam to the PC guy’s head. I love the Mac ad campaign, it’s perfect. Anyhow, the necklace is sterling and ebony wood, from the line designed by architect Frank Ghery. I love how it feels between my fingers, with the inlaid wood cutouts, so lovely and simple.

So today is being in the office, getting home early because the girls get home early from school, then going to a spring shoe fashion show with a friend, before the aforementioned dinner with Elliott. I am greatly looking forward to delicious filet of beef with moutarde sauce tonight. Yum.

Rae has promised me a full slew of new stickgirls when I arrive home from my trip, hopefully one of which will end up being on a tshirt design because NONE OF YOU had any ideas for me. *sulk*

Oh, and in other news, my MOO cards came yesterday! I am so very glad Heather showed me hers when she was last visiting. MOO cards are the cutest thing EVER IN THE WORLD. I love mine. I haven’t even bothered with cards for years, but these… these I’ll be giving to everyone I know. heh.