So I just ordered the Rosetta Stone program to learn Spanish, because when we go to Puerto Vallarta this year I want to at least know a *tiny* bit. Elliott is way better than I am at it, but he was insisting to me that there was a software program every bit as good as Rosetta, but for about a tenth of the cost. Anyone have any suggestions? The thing with Rosetta is that you have to have the disk in to use the program, and I want to do it from here at the office - but my oldest daughter is taking Spanish in highschool and I thought I’d get her a program too. I just didn’t want to do one that expensive twice over. And if he’s right that there is one just as good for way less, that’d rock.

I’m on the path to work out as much as possible before we leave. I’ve let myself get lazy the past 3 years, put on 15 lbs I didn’t need, and so on. Now the idea of being in a bikini on the beach is hitting me. Yikes! I have to say, it feels like a million years ago that I actually had my own “amateur” site with pictures. Back then a bikini wouldn’t have been that big a deal. Ah well, I have a whole 4 weeks, right? It has to be via workout, ’cause I love good food way too much to try to do the diet thing. I mean I eat healthy and all, but it’s not enough all on it’s own.

Anyhow… if I’m successful I might even post a picture or two when we get home. :)