I had a good long conversation this morning with the woman who is about to start helping me on my redesign project. She was totally fun to chat with, and I’m even more excited than ever about the project. You’ll see everything done just in time for our June 10-year JanesGuide birthday. My little stick girl, turning 10. Who woulda thought?


This is a picture taken just today, on our daily walk around the park. Isn’t my dog the cutest? Of course he was just DYING to run off right there, after all there were seagulls to chase and trees to sprinkle. So, I couldn’t get a picture of him doing my favorite pose, which I call “puppy-dog ears” - it’s when he’s all happy and his ears are all perky like a young dog. He’s actually not a young dog, he’s 10 already. What does that make him in dog years, 70? I can’t remember. He’s my first dog after all, and I’m only his step-mommy. :)

Love the new camera, it gets such good shots. I need to remember to play with it more often if I’m really going to learn how to use it.