So often, people commit fashion crimes while doing sensory play. A teal bandana, a sleep mask with the logo for a passenger airline, a necktie featuring penguins playing golf: these things are what people most often reach for when they set about to blindfold their partner.


Fortunately, the Soho Blindfold is here to bring style into your bondage sessions without sacrificing comfort or function.

The Soho blindfold is made with a super-soft leather that feels terrific against your skin. The blindfold is also padded in a way that blocks out all light without putting undue pressure on the eye. A thick elastic band holds it in place extremely well, and the front of the blindfold comes in either a lush velvety material or a shiny red PVC that sends the whole thing off with a smashing sense of style.

Sure, compared to making a blindfold out of a discarded stocking, the Soho isn’t exactly cheap ($32). But if you do a lot of sensory deprivation play, it is worth it to invest in a quality blindfold. And of all the ones on the market today, none combine form and function as well as the Soho Blindfold. Besides, your tied up partner will be happy to know that, while they can’t see a thing, they sure do look good.

-Lippy Imp

Buy it at Babeland, Jane’s favorite sextoy store.