naked eroticaI wasn’t sure what to expect from a book called Naked Erotica. In my experience, erotica nearly always involves at least one character ending up undressed. But in this collection edited by Alison Tyler, being naked is the theme. Not just nudity, but the feelings of freedom, beauty, vulnerability, trust, and (of course) desire that accompany it are what set these stories apart.

Unlike compilations devoted to bondage or lesbian sex, the running theme of nakedness is loose and fluid, resulting in a widely varied series of stories. From bondage with strangers to hot romps with loved ones on cold winter night, the stories run the gamut, held together ever so loosely by the thin thread of nakedness and the feelings it arouses.

And that’s what makes Naked Erotica such a success. Each story has a different take on the sensations and emotions involved with being naked or being with someone who is. Yet the theme never becomes monotonous, as sometimes the theme is only addressed in the story briefly—a paragraph or a page, so the reader is never inundated with repetition. The writing is, as you would expect of anything Alison Tyler puts together, excellent. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but particularly hot tale was “Her Birthday Suit” by Kate Laurie, in which a young woman is tied to a hotel bed by her best friends and pleasured by a not-quite-a-stranger for her birthday.

Maybe exhibitionists and voyeurs are the target audience (although I don’t think so), but Naked Erotica has something for everyone—something sexy and smart and worthy of multiple reads.

Alison Tyler, editor, Pretty Things Press, 2004, paperback - Buy it from