Chris Bridges, from Hoot Island - For always making us laugh, for being tireless in his quest to bring the fun back into sex, for being an all-around wonderful guy.

Heather Corinna, from Scarlet Letters - for being a continuous source of support and inspiration, writing for us on occasion, and being a friend in the business that we can always count on.

Asia Carrera - You know, Asia is the patron saint of Hoot Island too, now that I think about it. Hers was the first website we saw that made us want to write a bit about it instead of just linking it. She's still online and going strong with her site, and it has all the personality and humor today that it did back then.

Cliffie - another source of early inspiration for us, Cliffie did more than his share of trying to get quality sites recognized in the vast wasteland that is the online adult world. He believed in us way back then, and sent us visitors and encouragement.

Adrienne Benedicks, from Erotica Readers Association - Adrienne was our fiction editor for about a year, for the now-defunct JaneZine/newsletter. She did a great job, if I had the same amount of energy it might not be defunct.

Flying Crocodile, Inc. - the world's best adult webhost, bar none. We've been through several webhosting companies in our time, and FCI was willing to put our lil G4 Mac server in their hosting room, and go the extra mile to hook us up. They are fast, fast, fast, and the best rates we've ever paid. I'm not exaggerating to say we wouldn't still be here if we hadn't moved our site to their network in July of 2000. If you need hosting, email Liz at FCI, she's a gem.

R.St.Laurents - photographer for many adult sites, another good and true friend who helped us financially far more than we should have let him, and when we needed it most. He also took lots of pictures of Jane, and made her feel good about doing them.

Pushrod - from back in the day, he was one of the adult webmasters who very nicely told us this idea would never work. Little did he know that would only bring out my stubborn streak. heh. :) I don't know where he is or what he's doing, I think he's making millions in the biz probably, but well - by our terms, this DID work.

YNOT - We were YNOT members back in '98, and it was the first and best place for people in this business to network, find out information, etc. They are still the best source of information, in my humble opinion, if you are thinking of starting a site.

everyone who has ever sent us an encouraging email - we wouldn't have been able to maintain our enthusiasm for this project for all this time without that. Thank you!

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