General Info

  • How long does it take to be listed? It depends on the site. We get a larger than normal amount of submissions for sextoy stores, phonesex services and weblogs. If your site is in one of those categories, it may take longer as we try not to list too many of a particular site type at once.
  • For Weblogs: if your weblog is less than 3 months old, we may delay listing you until you have more content. Why? Because usually if a blogger is going to quit, they do it early. If you've been around for at least 3 months, there is a better chance that you'll be around for a long time.
  • For Sextoy Stores: There are tons of sextoy stores online. We won't list you unless you have an exceptional site, or unusually hard-to-find products. Sites with sex education info, product reviews, etc. are given priority.

Possible Reasons for Not Being Listed at JanesGuide

  • Illegal Content - If, while reviewing a site, we see an image *or story* we know to be in violation of someone else's copyright, we will not list your site. We've been on the web long enough that this is a frequent occurence. We also do not list claimed "public domain" material, since this is in violation of U.S.C. Title 18, sections and 2256 and 2257. If you don't know who is in the photo, you cannot be assured that the models are over 18. Oh, and we don't list sites that contain bestiality or "snuff" imagery, or child porn.
  • Banner or Console Overload - While occasionally we may list a site to editorialize against heavy advertising, most sites which contain significantly more advertising than actual content are not listed at all.
  • Stolen Passwords - If you list stolen passwords to paysites, or if you even LINK to someone who does, we will not list your site.
  • Paysites with no password - We only list paysites that we can view in their entirety. If you submit a paysite for review without a password, we will skip it. If the password is expired when we get there, due to our own lag time, we may write to request a new one - or we may not. If you think there was a password problem, feel free to email us. If a password doesn't work within the first month of the submission, we do not write, we just move on to the next site.
  • Miscellaneous unethical stuff - If we see things on your site that are questionable, such as zero frames to load counters, blind links, or other questionable code, we may skip your site.
  • Site outtage - If your site had server problems and was down when we visited, we might not have gone back.
  • Free Hosting - We do not list sites which are hosted on free mainstream accounts, such as Tripod, Geocities, AOL and Xoom. Mostly this is because they have a much higher rate of becoming dead links, and it makes our jobs that much harder. We really want to know you're going to be around for longer than a couple of months. We also don't list MOST free adult webhosted sites, because most of them are advertising overload.
  • Non-Adult Content - Believe it or not, we get submissions that are not for adult content. Please don't resubmit sites that are for non-adult material. We don't review siding for houses. We don't review great deals on printer cartridges. We don't wanna see your MLM site. Honest.
  • Cookie-Cutter Sites - If you just bought into a turn-key site that is only a separate entrance to the same paysite being resold in a hundred different forms, we aren't going to list it. We think that kind of thing just clutters up the web, and we don't want to list it.
  • AVS We Don't Have - If you submitted an AVS site that was anything OTHER than Adult Check, you need to provide the content URL.

If you don't see any reason above that would lead you to not be listed, please send us a note. We have a huge backlog of review requests, usually hundreds of sites, and though we try really hard to keep up and get the good ones, we sometimes miss things. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding, and for patronzing our site. :) » Jane