About JanesGuide

Wow. Where to start? Over the years I've re-written this section a whole bunch of times. When I started the site in early 1997, I never expected I'd still be doing it more than 8 years later! So hi, I'm Jane Duvall and I'm the founder and main editor here at JanesGuide. I started the site way back when I was a struggling single mother of 3, doing phonesex calls in the wee hours while the kids were asleep to try to keep my head above water financially. At the time, I needed to promote my business better so I thought "hey, I'll start a link site!" and before I knew it the then-novel concept of actually providing reviews made the site take off. Actually, it didn't hurt that it was one of the first woman-owned-and-operated sites either. I know Persian Kitty and Danni Ashe were there before me, but in the early years it was still unique to be a woman doing this.

My partner at the time, Jim, took an interest in the first couple of months, and joined me - he helped to develop the previous incarnation of JanesGuide, and we worked together for a few years until he left for other projects in 2003. Coming on board almost as far back as Jim was reviewer Peter Throckmorton, who is still with us today - and a couple of years after him, Vamp - a woman I'm pretty certain is living a parallel life to mine from a couple hundred miles away.

Anyhow, it's our goal to provide you with unbiased reviews - and when I say that, I mean unbiased by our personal tastes in what is and isn't "good porn", because that is a highly subjective area. One person may only want glossy supermodels, and another may LOVE grainy, voyeuristic or highly amateur pictures. My own first exposure to porn was back in the early '90's, when I discovered my then-husband's stash of Gallery magazines hidden under the bed. I LOVED the "girl next door" feature, where real women sent in their polaroids. Because of the vast array of tastes out there, we try to list something for everyone. I personally love that sexual expression is as varied and unique as it is for each person. Here's hoping you find a bit of what you're looking for here. -Jane