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JanesGuide History:

This site has been through quite a bit since debuting on the web in June of 1997. Here is how it all came about:

In 1996, Jane was working for a mainstream newspaper, trying to make ends meet as a single mother of 3. She took a part time job doing phonesex in the wee hours of the night from home, and put up a small website to promote her telephone services. She decided almost immediately to turn that site into a small sex-positive webzine. After only 3 months, she burned out as a phonesex operator, finding it rewarding but emotionally draining, but she kept the webzine.

Looking for a way to promote it, she decided to try her hand at a link site. The original site, Jane's Reviewed Adult Links, appeared on the web in June to garner it's first media notice in October of the same year as a Web Magazine site of the day. (Web Magazine, at the time, ran The Webby Awards and picking an adult site was almost unheard of.)

Quickly, the popularity of the site became overwhelming enough that the original webzine dropped by the wayside, as both she and her partner Jim started working full time on the site.

Jane wasn't content to have people thinking the name was only entertainment, and the site was really run by a guy, so she added The Photo Challenge, wherein readers could write in with a photo request to prove Jane was indeed real. That now-defunct section had such gems as Jane eating a bowl of Wheaties, posing in a red satin nightgown and grabbing a beer from the fridge.

Meanwhile the site continued to grow, and the name was changed to Jane's 'Net Sex Guide. After all, it was far from just reviewed websites now with the addition of consumer-focused articles on how not to get ripped off in the world of adult entertainment. The adult web was uncharted territory back then, a Wild West of billing scams and bad sites.

In 1999 they finally got a domain name just for the site, chopped the name down more into just "JanesGuide.com", added a couple more site reviewers, and have been going strong ever since, as they continue to bring surfers the best in the online adult world.

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