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Exit Links: - When it comes to exit links on warning pages, what we see most often is adult webmasters linking to Disney, to Yahoo, etc. While it's great to give a mainstream portal alternative (we link to Yahoo and Google on our front page) we also like to offer a link to teens who are looking for sex info, but not porn. Let's face it, most kids are very web savvy, they aren't stumbling into porn, they are looking for it. As a parent myself, I know I'd rather my kids found GOOD sex information online than some of what's out there. To that end, we link to ScarleTeen, a non-profit site FOR teens with great info about sexuality in general, birth control, STDs and other info they need. It's done in a great tone and format, it has moderated discussion boards, it's an all-around amazing resource. Check it out, and consider offering it on your warning page for those kids who do end up at your site.

Hosting - We've been in business since late 1996 on the web, and we've had our share of trials and tribulations with good, quality hosting. In our opinion, it's one of the most important decisions for any web business, and in the adult industry in particular, speed and reliability are of the utmost importance. We highly recommend our current web host, Flying Crocodile. We've co-located there since mid-2000 and couldn't be happier. Whether you're looking for a starter account, or have a huge business, they can grow with you. If you need hosting email Kathi Lyle at Flying Croc, and tell her we sent you.

Other Info - Often webmasters write asking for info on how to start a site, where to network, how to trade links, and so on. Below are some affiliate programs we use and recommend, as well as some webmaster boards and resources.

affiliate programs: Here are the programs we've had particular success with on our site:
Three Pillows - this site converts incredibly well because it covers the rare niche of M/M/F bi-sexual imagery and stories. Highly recommended.

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