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IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENT!! In the past month I've gotten a couple of emails from website owners and phonesex workers about people posing as JanesGuide reviewers to get free products, services or passwords to websites. For the record, we NEVER "review the service" by doing test phone calls. Ever. We review the website ONLY. This goes for any kind of service. When it comes to passwords to paysites, it's rare for us to solicit a password, but if we do it's ALWAYS from a email address, and from now forward we will only request that the site be submitted for review through our normal form, we will NOT ask for passwords in email. It makes me very upset that there is someone (or there are multiple someones) doing this. Thanks for reading... - Jane

Submit a Site for Review - Please note that if your site has already been submitted and is in our pending review que, you will get an error message telling you that you're already in our database. If you are wanting to be re-reviewed because your listing is outdated, please search for your listing, then email Jane directly to request that we update your listing.

Submit a REGIONAL listing - This form is for sites that are specific to a geographical location. Examples: escorts, massage parlors, strip clubs, BDSM groups, swinger/lifestyle events and groups and so on.

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