Consumer rights aren't limited to your cable bill or buying a new toaster. While it's certainly not true of most adult companies, there are those who would rely on the "shame factor" in consumers not wanting to dispute an adult charge, and thus try to over charge or provide lousy service. This section is designed to give you the information you need to make sure you don't get ripped off just to get off.

Paysites - What to Know Before You Join - Know the red flags and common pitfalls, what to look for, etc.

Common Problems FAQ - including how to find a site you joined when you forget, how to dispute a bill when your cancellation requests go ignored and so on.

Adult Verification Services - What they are, what to look for before you join.

PhoneSex Tips - the myth of "long distance charges only" phonesex lines, along with an overview of what to expect when calling.

Help! Child Porn! - want to know where to report it, should you stumble across a site with illegal child porn? An overview to what you can do.

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