Where and How to Report Suspected Child Porn

Child pornography, unforunately, has always existed and will probably always exist. However, as a parent and simply as a moral human being, I believe we all need to do what we can to combat the problem. We fully condone and support pornography of and for consenting adults, we DO NOT condone or support material involving, or being targeted at, minor children.

So what do you do if you inadvertently run across a website that has images you think might be of a minor child? Well, here is my advice (and my disclaimer: I am not giving legal advice, I'm merely giving my opinion based on my own common sense). Do NOT save the images to your hard drive as "proof". It is illegal to possess child pornography, and you are risking your own safety by doing this. It is possible to be prosecuted, regardless of your stated intentions. Technically, ou are in violation even having seen the image online, since when you view a website, it downloads to your cache. I don't think most law enforcement is that extreme in their enforcement, but I don't think it's ever a good idea to save any imagery of that type. Instead, write down or copy the URL and turn it in to authorities who are trained to investigate such things.

Here are some websites that may be of help, both with educational info, and with areas to turn in websites you believe may be showing illegal imagery:

ASACP: Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection - founded in 1996, this non-profit adult cooperative has been instrumental in shutting down hundreds of websites with child porn images. Click on the link to "report a site" from their main page.

Pedowatch - A Colorado-based non-profit, this organization has safety tips for parents and children, resources, and again, an area to report sites you believe have child porn images.

CyberAngels - Started in 1995, Cyberangels includes information for parents about protecting their children online, areas to report child pornography, information about the real problem of cyber -stalking and more.